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Breaking My Silence With A Big Announcement

It’s been a while since I started writing toward my goal of documenting 100 things that leave me flabbergasted and speechless as recognition of getting 100 reviews on Goodreads and reaching my 100th post on this blog. In fact, it’s been a while since I wrote anything. And so, I am still stuck on number 80 and my blog has sat dark for several weeks. Why would I let this happen? Did I really have nothing to say? Well, the truth is, I’ve been busy. With a number of things. And secondly, some of things I would have written about have been too depressing. But today, I am back with an entry for my list that is a bit more serious in nature and that ends with a major announcement. So, let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

80. What is it that men have against women? – If I live a hundred years, I don’t think I will understand the mindset of man like Abubakar Shekau. How on earth does it make someone more of a man to kidnap 300 schoolgirls (simply because they were schoolgirls and receiving an education) and then threaten to sell them into sex slavery unless his nation’s government stops providing females a “Western” education? In fact, why is it that this type of barbarism is just the latest example of the type of behavior men have exhibited against women through the ages? Which leads to an even larger question. What is it about human nature that pushes a person to desire power over another? And then once they have it, to act out in cruelty just to maintain what little power they have, whether it be terrorists with a hostage or an abusive spouse in a dysfunctional marriage? This episode in Nigeria has led me to think long and hard about this and I’ve come to conclusion. We should start pounding the message of kindness into our youth the way we pound the message of sexual purity or the word of wisdom.  Don’t get me wrong, there is much to be gained by having our youth internalize the lesson of keeping sex within the bonds of marriage or to avoid addictive behaviors. But when Christ had the opportunity to provide the ultimate words of council, he didn’t say, “No sex until your married.” He said, “As I have loved you, love one another.” That’s it. Yes, he gave other counsel, but that was the big one. And we still, as a culture, don’t give it it’s proper respect.

My prayers go out to those Nigerian girls and their families. I hope everything ends well. But at the same time, my prayers go out to every wife, mother, child and even man who has to live beneath the brutal whip of cruelty. They don’t deserve it. No one does.

79. What has happened with the Benghazi affair is the lowest form of politics I’ve ever seen – Whoever was responsible for not sending help to our people in Libya that night should have to answer for it with their careers and possibly their freedom. But this should not be used at all as a political issue in the 2014 or 2016 elections. Democrats who would try and block investigations should be impeached and Republicans who try to use this for ammunition in their political races should be as well. I know this is a pipe dream, but it makes me quite sad to think of what is coming should Hillary Clinton choose to run for president. The men who died deserve better than that…and so do their families.

78. I thought my LDS church mission was the hardest thing I had ever done until it came to raising my teenager. And I’ve got a pretty good teenager – Do I really need to expound?

77. When you fail your child, it hurts worse than when you fail yourself – As documented, I felt disappointment for a day when I failed to be recognized as a finalist for an award my book had been nominated for. But fairly quickly, I got over it. The other night, my middle child (the one who is so easy going he often gets overlooked) actually received an award for his solid work and attitude in a children’s play he was a part of. He was to be recognized at an awards ceremony and everything. Except his mother and I forgot about the ceremony. It’s been three days and I still feel terrible.

76. People getting their just desserts is not a reason for celebrating – Our local paper yesterday morning ran an article about two local police officers who were let go for behavior and wrongdoing associated with extra marital affairs. Some of these affairs have been common knowledge in our community for a while. And in some ways, it might seem that having this all come to light in the paper and having these men lose their jobs is a just reward for their actions. But both of them have families who did nothing wrong. And I can’t help but think of them today.

75. Elliptical machines are a devil’s invention – I wrecked my knee about three weeks ago and have been forced to give up the treadmill and move to an elliptical machine if I want to continue exercising. I want to knock the ice cream cone out of the man’s hand who invented that contraption. I just do.

74. My favorite columnist, from the time I was in high school until now, is retiring next month – Why is it that reminders of my advancing age seem to come daily now. Casey Kasem, the man my brother made me watch every Saturday as he did his weekly Top 10 countdown show, can’t speak anymore because of his advancing Parkinson’s and he’s missing (oh wait, he’s been found) because he has no control over his own life anymore. The music of my youth is on the oldies station and the singers that my parents loved are getting too old to perform or they’re dying. And Phil Mickelson’s golf game is deteriorating right before my eyes. I don’t want to get older anymore.

73. Why do all the fragrances for men’s deodorant smell awful – I wear women’s deodorant and am not ashamed to admit it. I would rather smell like flowers than some weird spice from the far east that is apparently very manly. I just would.

72. Politics is an awful game and only an idiot would subject themselves to such a brutal punishment – Which leads me to my big announcement and final installment of this post…

71. I’m running for Thatcher Town Council – Heaven help me and my family, but I’ve come to believe that if I’m going to have strong opinions, I ought to be ready to back them up. I truly love this little town I’m living in and want to see it be all that it can be. So here’s to my budding political career. May I keep my integrity and have the good sense to walk away before I ever think that I’m someone of importance.

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