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Ryan Rapier
RYAN RAPIER is an Arizona native and through the course of his life has come face to face with a rattlesnake more than once. For that reason alone, he would likely have left the desert behind years ago were it not for one thing—the luxury of year-round golf. When Ryan isn’t on the course or in front of a computer screen, he can usually be found chasing behind his four children or doing errands for his amazing wife in the isolated beautiful valley they have both called home forever. Ryan’s thoughts and opinions that concern nobody but himself can be found here at his website. The Reluctant Blogger is his first novel.


Ryan Rapier is nearing the age in life when a man begins to worry about a mid-life crisis. Thanks to his wonderful wife and amazing children, this episode should be less traumatic for him than others.

Ryan aspires to…something.  As soon as he finds out what it is, he will make sure everyone is made aware. Until then, he will amuse himself with golf, reading, golf, family vacations, racquetball, writing and golf.  But more than anything, he loves spending time with his family. (While this last bit is true, isn’t it about the most cliched line ever?)

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5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Jennifer Thompson

    Hi, Ryan! Did you happen to attend EAC? If so, then I think I know you. 🙂 If not, I’m sorry to bother you this way. Either way, congratulations on your book. It looks great! I, too, have written a novel, THE SCENT OF A SOUL, and am considering contacting LDSWBR—that’s how I found you. Anyway, again, sorry if you are not who I was thinking of, and the best of luck with THE RELUCTANT BLOGGER.
    ~Jennifer Thompson

    1. Ryan Rapier

      I did happen to go to EAC. In fact, after nine years in the Mesa/Gilbert area and several grueling years at ASU, I have returned and live three minutes from EA’s campus. If I remember correctly, weren’t you from Sierra Vista? So yes, I believe I am who you think I am. Best of luck to you as well with your book. How long has it been out?

  2. Kim Baccellia Rapier

    Hi, I was just wondering what part of Arizona you’re from as I think you might be related to my husband’s dad’s side that live there. My father-in-law’s name is Don Rapier. Just curious. It would be cool to know that there might be another LDS author in the family!

    1. Ryan Rapier

      I grew up in Duncan, AZ and currently live in the Safford/Thatcher area of Arizona, otherwise known as the Gila Valley. That is where our clan has called home for a few decades. I am not familiar with Don Rapier, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t tied into my grandfather’s family.


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