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Incoherent Strings Of Thought

For the last couple of weeks there have been multiple things I have wanted to write about. But for whatever reason I’ve resisted. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say. Heaven knows I could come up with 2,000 words on how much I despise the taste of regular NyQuil, but think that Cherry NyQuil should be made into its own soft drink flavor. It’s just…I don’t know.

Nevertheless, I’ve learned that after a while, I’d better put something down or my head will start to explode. I’m a little like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she gets stupider by the minute because she can’t declutter her brain. Admittedly, our avenues of dealing with this problem are very different (I need to write them out, she…does other things) but the end result is the same. After a blog post, I seem to be able to think more clearly.

With that in mind, I will now share multiple random thoughts that have very little in common other than they have been rattling around in my brain as of late. So, read on if you feel like it, agree with what you agree with, disagree with what you disagree with, or if you think this is the most asinine thing you’ve come across in some time, please resume your regularly scheduled activity and try to forget this post ever happened.

  • On-line shopping for Christmas is the best. It’s like everyday is Christmas morning for the whole month. Each time a package comes in the mail you get to open it and check it out for the first time and then you get to watch the person you are giving it to open it on Christmas day. Every gift is like a double gift for you and the receiver. AWESOME!
  • There are definitely some developments that I see as positive, but truth be told, Donald Trump as president still scares the living…whatever out of me. Are we absolutely certain we didn’t just sell our souls to the actual devil just so we could avoid one of his lesser minions?
  • Designated Survivor has captured our family’s attention and is one of our favorite new shows. But I hate to admit that this promising concept is starting to feel like it is taking the lazy approach to story telling. We’re getting more and more major characters making completely irrational decisions that no one in their right mind would ever make and the shocking twists are starting to feel a bit like my drive home. Very predictable and I can see every turn coming from a mile away. Here’s hoping the writers step up their game when the show returns in March.
  • Fantasy Football has succeeded in turning the NFL into the ultimate virtual reality game. Since Peyton Manning retired last season, I haven’t really decided who my new team to root for is going to be. Therefore, my only interest in the NFL has been the players on my FF team and the players I’m playing against week to week. What this has led to is a situation where I don’t know which teams are likely to make the playoffs. Truth be told, I don’t even know which teams win or lose week to week. The crazy thing is, I don’t even care. All I care about are individual player stats. That seems messed up.
  • Fox News has officially jumped the shark and shed any pretense of trying to be a non-biased provider of news. One of the headlines, THAT’S HEADLINE WITH A CAPITAL “H”, on their website this week was about the failure of the movie Miss Sloane. Movies fail all the time, but this was a major headline for Fox because the movie revolved around a pro gun control premise. Therefore, it would seem that if a movie advocating a political opinion opposite of what is considered conservative fails, that is now major news for Fox. To the folks at Fox News, please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. When a movie costs $14 million to make and fails, that’s not news. Disney’s The Lone Ranger? Now that kind of failure is news. And devastatingly harmful to my Disney shares. Sorry, I digress.
  • My brother who is unabashedly liberal posted on Facebook that he has cancelled his subscription to the New York Times because it is conducting business in such a way that Mr. Trump’s claims of bias are getting harder and harder to deny. I don’t personally read the New York Times on a regular basis, but based on this development within my own family, it would seem Fox is not the only one struggling with how to be a legitimate news source in the post-Trump election world.
  • I’ve only seen three episodes, but so far I would have to say that This Is Us is one of the best written television shows to come along in a while. A tearjerker of a show that works hard to earn every single one of the Kleenexes it destroys each week.
  • I love and support police men and women. These brave individuals put their lives on the line every day as part of their job and they deserve our respect. Having said that, how on earth can we expect to make any headway in our country’s current issues with regard to race when a jury (made up of eleven white people and one black) can’t manage to convict former officer Michael Slager of the murder of Walter Scott. He is on video shooting the man eight times as Mr. Scott attempts to flee in the opposite direction. He was killed by a bullet that entered through his back. I believe we are putting the 99.9% of good cops in further harm’s way by refusing to acknowledge the .1% that we can see with our own eyes. As evidence, I submit the increasing number of fallen officers over the last month. We have a broken system that is leading to an unacceptable number of people being killed on both sides of the equation. The time to listen to everyone involved is now. Black Lives Matter and No More Dead Cops. There, we’ve gotten the slogans out of the way. Can we please sit down now and figure out a solution?
  • A pretty cool side effect of finding it impossible to support either of the presidential candidates in the last election is: Now almost every political joke is funny.
  • Notice I said “almost”. Kanye West getting a sit down with the president-elect during the very busy transition period is not funny.
  • Letting yourself get roped into a riddle challenge on Facebook where if you get said riddle wrong you have to replace your photo with a llama is not intelligent. Thus we can surmise that I am not intelligent.
  • Russian leader Vladamir Putin is a bad guy. Russia is assisting Syria in wide-spread massacre. Time and again, Mitt Romney has been proven right that Russia is our biggest geo-political foe. Having a Secretary of State that is “a friend of Russia” is a bad idea. I hope those GOP senators who are having heart burn about Mr. Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State have enough of a spine to reject him if his ties to Russia prove to be too strong. We need to learn from our own history of the 1930’s. Trying to play nice with people like Mr. Putin only leads to very bad outcomes.
  • How are we not doing more to help the millions of refugees pouring out of Syria? If we’re scared of them because they are Muslim, shame on us. I don’t think God is going to give us a pass on this just because we were concerned one terrorist might accidentally get into our country.
  • I hate that writing a second book is a trillion times harder than writing the first one.
  • I love Christmas. Even though it is absolutely ridiculous how busy we have made ourselves this time of year, it is still the best. The music, the kindness, the anticipation, the focus on others before ourselves, the focus on The Savior. Here’s hoping everyone out there has a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season filled with family, friends and the stuff great memories are made of.
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An Actually Useful Lesson Donald Trump Is Teaching Us

When I was a teenager, my parents tried to instill a truth upon my soul before they sent me out into the cold cruel world. They actually tried to instill many lessons, but for the point of this post, I’m going to focus on one. And that lesson was; you marry who you date.

Obviously the point was, don’t date girls that you wouldn’t want to end up spending the rest of your life with. It was a good lesson then, and it’s a good lesson now. It’s one I have spent many hours trying to get across to my teenage daughter.

You see, the problem with spending too much time with someone you wouldn’t actually want to make a lifetime commitment to is the message you send to all those folks you actually would like to make a lifetime commitment to. They see the company you keep and make a mental note to themselves that you are no longer legitimate dating material. It isn’t necessarily a fair judgment, but then…who said life was fair?

And that brings me to Donald Trump.

For the record, this post is the last time I personally am going to write that man’s name on this blog. I don’t want to date him and I sure as heck don’t want to contribute to his single-handed destruction of the GOP presidential chances. But I do think there is a lesson we Republicans can take away from this circus freak show going on right now. And it has very little to do with Trump himself.

The lesson is that maybe we shouldn’t trust the media.

Now, I know the immediate response is going to be, “Duh!!! We’ve known that for decades!”

True, but I’m talking all media. For instance, there was a time when I was an avid Rush Limbaugh listener. When I discovered him, I was thrilled that there was finally someone speaking for me and my views at a national level. And for Rush, one message was constant; the reason Republicans or conservatives don’t win elections is because they don’t get their message out. His belief has always been that too many Republicans wuss out and don’t go full conservative all day, every day-and if they did, we’d never lose another election again.

Over the last twenty years, Rush has become the spokesman for a lot of people who consider themselves conservative. And his message has been consistent. Be a fearless conservative because fearless conservatism wins every time it’s tried. So here’s a question:

Why is Rush being so complimentary of Trump, who is too busy spouting insults and platitudes to actually spout conservatism, instead of taking him to task on the lunacy of what he’s saying?

“Because, Rapier, Trump speaks conservatism without fear. He tells it like it is. He cuts through the crap.”

Those three statements are what I hear from Trump supporters more than anything else when they defend him. And yet each one of those statements is pure garbage.

He Tells It Like It Is

The Mexican Government is sending drug dealers and rapists across the border for us to deal with. – Had anyone been interested in true facts, Marco Rubio had some to share in the recent debate. Most of the illegal immigrants coming across our southern border no longer originate from Mexico. They come from Guatamala, Columbia and other South American countries. Meanwhile, the number of violent crimes committed in this country by illegal immigrants in comparison to US citizens is not statistically higher, but in most cases, statistically lower.

He Cuts Through The Crap

John McCain isn’t a war hero. Well he is a war hero, but only because he got caught. I like people who didn’t get caught. – On this blog, I have made no secret of how I feel about John McCain and his politics. But the man spent five years in a hellish prison camp and deserves our respect for that. He most certainly doesn’t get a free pass for everything he’s done since then, but again, he deserves our respect for that. And to suggest otherwise is the epitomy of “crap”!!!

He Speaks Conservatism Without Fear

“When you give, they do whatever the hell you want.” – Mr. Trump said these words in response to a question about giving money to Democratic politicians. None of those politicians ever advanced a conservative agenda at any point. So if Mr. Trump gave them money and then they did whatever the h— he wanted, one has to ask; What did he want?

My point with these examples is this: He is nothing like what he pretends to be. And not only that, he isn’t doing a very good job of hiding it. So why are the Rush Limbaughs and the Sean Hannitys out there not calling him out on this? Why are so many “informed conservatives” buying into this joke?

I think the answer is simple. The so-called conservative spokesmen/women are scared. I believe they don’t want to end up like Matt Walsh, the right-wing blogger who actually had the guts to point out the vast amounts of hypocrisy spewing forth from The Donald. After his post that called out Trump on many levels, Matt Walsh got KILLED. Not by Trump, but by right-wing nutjobs who called him everything from “RINO” to “subversive tool of the Democratic party”. MATT WALSH! If you’ve ever read that guy, you know full well, a RINO he is not.

So that’s why I believe conservative media personalities are scared. There’s no other explanation. Their numbers aren’t what they used to be and their influence is shrinking. So the last thing they want to do is offend the torch burning loonies who make up a big portion of their audience. You know, the ones who think that some moron who makes a “Megyn Kelly is on her period” joke (but then claims he didn’t, just like everything else he has ever said…wait no he didn’t say it, we just misunderstood) is some kind of conservative messiah. They need those loonies…and as a result, they show themselves to be just as fraudulent as every poltician or media reporter they have been lambasting for the last twenty years.

Donald Trump is not a conservative messiah. He isn’t even conservative. In fact, I don’t know what he is. Regardless, it’s time we Republicans started looking at the real candidates who have a real opportunity to win instead of giving time to a narcissistic freak who is more concerned about who is being nice to him and who isn’t. And it is time we started demanding the same of the media personalities who supposedly agree with us.

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All The News That’s Not Fit To Print

On a previous blog, I documented my complete and utter fascination with countdowns. I love countdowns. If I were flipping through the channels one night and came across a countdown of the top 10 favorite office supplies of left-handed circus performers, I would probably watch it. (I hope no one at the A&E channel sees this and gets any ideas. This actually sounds like something they would air.)

Anyway, not only do I love to watch top 10 shows or listen to music countdowns, I also like to produce my own. And today, I want to countdown the stupidest news stories I’ve seen in just the past week or two.

But before I get to that, let me rant for just a second. The reason this list is even possible is because we don’t really even have news shows or news websites anymore. We have political leaning, shock inducing, run-it-into-the-ground analyzing, pumping up people who are famous for absolutely nothing fluff. 90% of all news stories are garbage or non-informative at all. Think about the recent bombing. In the hours (and hours and hours) following the event, every major channel switched to people sitting around guessing or accusing their political opponents or finding people who were near the event who provided absolutely nothing new to the dialogue. Why? It accomplished nothing. Yet any news organization in this country that didn’t join this lemming over the cliff exercise would have been considered derelict in their duties. It’s Redonkulous. (Translation: So stupid I had to make up a word to describe it.)

Okay, rant complete. And now, The Top 10 News Stories From The Last Few Weeks That Suggest We Have Not Evolved Much Since The Time OF The Neandrathals, or The Top 10 NSFTLFWTSWHNEMSTTOTN. Now there’s an acronym with a promising future.

10. The Boston Bombers Were Going To Go To New York – Huh? May I ask just a few questions? Did they actually go to New York? No. Were any bombs actually planted in New York? Not that anyone is aware of.  Is the Mayor of New York an over-protective ninny? Well, probably, but that question is completely unrelated to what we are talking about here.

This story was breaking news for every major news outlet in the country. And yet, THERE IS NO STORY!!!! If either one of the brothers ever said they wanted to one day have children and go to Walt Disney World, should we report that as well? Okay, yes, they may have wanted to plant a bomb. But did they? NO! It was shocking, it was scare-inducing, and maybe it belonged in paragraph 14 of a news story about the bombers. It did not belong as a headline splashed across our front pages. That’s just lazy journalism at its worst.

9. Fraudelent Signatures Helped Get Obama On A State Ballot In 2008 – You’ll be surprised to learn I only saw this headline on Foxnews.com. The purpose of this story? To keep the anger and divisiveness in our nation at all time highs. It serves no other purpose. I mean, do we really think Obama wouldn’t have won the presidency without these fraudulent signatures? As a nation we have got to get over this. This is the same kind of crap that Democrat leaning news organizations pulled for eight years with W. Here is a real news flash: WE ARE NOT THE NCAA! If some obscure violation is found while digging through documents of years past, we don’t rewrite the history books and pretend a presidency didn’t happen. Stories like this do not accomplish anything accept fostering continued resentment that needs no additional fostering. Come on Fox. Be better than that. Leave the bomb throwing to…okay, maybe that’s a bad analogy.

8. Some Weight-Loss Company Is Paying Kim Kardashian To Gain Extra Weight During Her Pregnancy So She Can Lose It All With Their Weight-Loss Program – Admittedly, this is a tabloid headline, but it speaks to bigger problem. WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT ANY OF THE KARDASHIANS?

They don’t DO anything. They have no special talent and they provide nothing to the betterment of our society. I mean, I know this is a little crass, but seriously, the whole family is famous because one of the sisters knows how to have sex while a camera is running. That’s it. And yet, we are constantly force fed every excruciating detail of these parasites’ lives. Just stop already.

7. George Jones Passed Away – Okay, this one isn’t really fair, but I included it mainly because I thought he was already dead.

6. Kate Middleton Shows Off Baby Bump – Seriously folks, leave these poor people alone. This headline isn’t that bad, but it comes on the heels of the infamous “Kate Middleton sunbathing pics”. Pretending to be outraged when this poor woman was photographed in what she believed was a private setting by a photog hundreds of yards away and then writing news stories about how awful this was only kept this embarrassing story alive for about two months. Which is two months longer than it should have been. News stories decrying sleezy practices only give the sleezy practitioners the attention they want. And you know it.

5. Woman’s Car Is Robbed And Her Purse Is Stolen – ….And?

This was the lead, THE LEAD, story on a local Phoenix 10 o’clock news broadcast last night. The reporter explained that this woman had parked her car near a local hiking preserve and “did everything right.” Apparently, doing everything right is leaving your purse in the car, but hiding it really well. I have a couple of thoughts. 1. How about you don’t bring your purse. 2. If you are going to bring your purse, hide it before you arrive at your destination where possibly thieves won’t be watching. But lastly, 3. How is this a real news story?

When Shannon and I were first married, our truck was robbed right outside our apartment. We did “everything right” too, which basically means we locked the car and parked near a street light. But it’s funny, a baseball bat to your side window kind of undoes all of those major precautions. But my point is, this happens everyday, EVERYDAY, in Phoenix and every other city in the world. This is not news. Why doesn’t this channel report on each of the bills being considered by the Arizona legislature that will actually impact each and every Arizona resident. Oh yeah, I forgot. You are a local news program, which means your main job is to scare the tar out of your viewers by completely overblowing the most minor incidents. That, and acting like Hurricane Katrina has hit everytime it rains in the Phoenix valley.

4. Gun Control Bill Hits Snag In Senate

3. Immigration Bill Hits Snag In Senate

2. Senate Resolution Honoring Margaret Thatcher Hits Snag In Senate

How about we report when these yahoos actually accomplish something. I’m so tired of the press giving 24 hour coverage to these petulant children and their tantrums. After all, just like children, attention is all they want. If we withhold it, maybe they would actually do something constructive to get it back. I’m just saying.

1. The NFL Draft – Up front, I am a lover of sports. But this event has gotten out of control. It gets almost as much pre-coverage, post-coverage and analysis as the Super Bowl. And for what? Half of these guys won’t even make it onto the teams that draft them. Who honestly cares if Dufus Hockenstock from Pewter State University runs a 40-yard dash .4 seconds faster than Billy Bob Huckleberry from Alabama? This is the poster child for what is wrong with a 24-hour news cycle whether it be in sports, politics or national news. We forget about what is important and instead, join the hype that is perpetuated by a non-stop media news cycle.

Speaking of blatant Hype, my debut novel, THE RELUCTANT BLOGGER, arrives August 13, 2013. It is available for pre-order now through Amazon.com by clicking here, or, if you live in the Gila Valley, you can pre-order the book at Bookworms Bookstore. Another option is if you have an LDS bookstore in your area, walk on in and request that a copy of THE RELUCTANT BLOGGER be ordered on your behalf. They will appreciate the patronage and I would appreciate the expanded reach. Thanks again to those who read this blog on a regular basis for your patience during this book marketing process.

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